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Jill's doctoral thesis is experimental and commentaries focusing on its features will be progressively written to explore the imaginative possibilities it opens up. The calligraphies unsettle text and visual field, perturb discourse and the figural to open up an in-between~ness between reading and seeing.and play to de-construct "edges", "pages" and "readings" to volume I of the thesis. The calligraphies are adapted from the work of Hassan Massoudy (1997: 33, 37, 43, 61)

[Ad]dressing Methodologies. Tracing the Self In Significant Slips: Shadow Dancing,

by Jill Rosemary Schostak




Volume 1

Front cover (pdf file)


Contents (detailed) (pdf file)

Covers – In the designer space (this is in 4 parts of which 2 are 'slipped' inbetween the figs and 1 slips out)

Covers: part 1 (pdf file)

In-Between – Slips (pdf file)

Annotated Grand de-Sign calligraphy body

Slipping into beginnings (pdf file)

Fig 1: Slipping through my fingers .... (pdf file)

Covers: part 2 (pdf file)

Fig 2: Slipping between .... (pdf file)

Covers: part 3 (pdf file)

Fig 3: Slipping on footprints .... (pdf file)

Slipping out of endings

Covers: part 4 (pdf file)

Signing off with my calligraphy de-sign

References. (pdf file)

Appendix. (pdf file) (This is a set of fashion photos included in the library version of the thesis at the University of East Anglia but due to copyright reasons not included here -referenced as: Massey 1997)


Volume II