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Imagination disrupts the bureaucratic spaces of life. Imagining other ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, acting opens alternative universes of possibilites. Imaginative Spaces is dedicated to developing and exploring approaches to social, cultural, educational and political research to encourage innovation and creativity in all areas of persoanl and social life.

Imaginative Spaces is a sister site to the Enquiry Learning Unit (ELU) maintained by John Schostak. where the ELU provides a range of introductory resources for qualitative research and discusses contemporary issues for the education of children and professionals, Imaginative Spaces specifically focuses upon emancipatory approaches to designing research projects and practices.

This site is currently being developed by John Schostak and Jill Schostak. It begins with the imaginative spaces opened up by Jill's doctoral thesis as a resource to explore qualitative research methodologies and free up thinking, expression and action.